Integrity, Knowledge and Craft.


Music Research and Supervision

Music: All-powerful. Still, nothing but a mighty blunt instrument if you’re short on the sharps.
Think laterally, be discerning, be independent, understand the narrative of heritage and above all, stay true to the idea. Oh, and if the creatives have a hundred tracks to preview, something’s gone wrong.

Original Composition
and Music Production

Question everything! Look left, look right, look left again. Seek inspiration, use the right tools and never sacrifice craft.
Organising recording sessions for major artists all over the world, (including in the odd castle and log cabin), you learn what counts. Above all, to deliver brilliance you must collaborate fiercely with the right people for the job.

A-Bomb Modular Synth

Creative Sound Design
and Audio Post-Production

Sometimes it’s good to mess with people’s heads. Stories are often more compelling propelled by a canny, metaphorical subtext rather than a routine wash of literal sound effects. It all comes down to judgement.
Like knowing when you need a noise artist to do a sound designer’s job.